Tuesday 21 January 2014

And we're back ..

So after a great Christmas break, we're back in school and busy as ever!
We've had so much going on, i've had no time at all! Oh how i miss lounging around the house with 'nothing' to do!
We started off with our trip to the RDS, here we visited the BT Young Scientists Exhibition. Looking at the projects was really interesting, and they gave me some ideas for my own science project! Mrs L gave me the daunting task of doing an interview for Radio TY with one of the finalists. So we approached this group of students, who had quite an interesting project on the topic of sports science..
So we went away to do our intro, after they had agreed to speak to us, but when we returned they had ran away!
We were more careful with our next group, and didn't let them out of our sight at all!!
After the excitment of Thursday, came Friday! The junk kouture fashion show!
Junk Kouture was our home ec project for last term, we had to design dresses our of recyclable material..
It was quite nerve racking walking up and down the 'catwalk' especially when i'm not the best in heels!
My dress was called 'clockwork princess'. We made it out of polystryene and an old bed sheet, it looked pretty cool in the end:)

I'm really looking forward to this term, i'm sure we're gonna be really busy!

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