Saturday 21 December 2013

Book Review - My Sisters Keeper

'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult.

I absolutely loved this book! It kept my attention from start to finish, although because us Ty's are so busy, it's taken me a while to get through it!
So the main character's name is Anna, who is the sister of Kate, who has leukaemia. But Anna is no ordinary child, she is special. Created especially to save her sister's life.
Anna is most defiantly the character who stands out to me most, i admire her courage and confidence throughout the whole book.
Anna takes on a challenge that no other thirteen year old would even imagine, she sues her parents, for the rights to her body. Crazy right? No.
She is sick of spending her life in hospitals, undergoing surgeries, transfusions and injections, she wants to be a normal child. But in achieving this, she is putting her sisters life in grave danger, which will undoubtedly result in death. What would you do?
This story poses the question, 'Is it right to use one child, in order to save the others life? Does that make you a bad person, or a really desperate one?'
The style of writing, and use of descriptive yet not complicated language makes this book quite an easy and enjoyable read, but i do warn you, have the Kleenex at the ready! As it is a tear jerker!
Overall i really enjoyed it, and i admit to seeing the movie first, but can confirm that the book is far superior! And i will defiantly be trying more of Jodi Picoult's books over the holidays!

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