Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wow i feel like a college student!

So last week I had the week off school so i could go to DCU on a work experience placement. I worked in the sports department, here i attended fitness classes, got to work the events and even got to fit in some extra training too!
My first day was...eventful! I left the house at 7:50 to catch the 8 o clock bus, all ran smoothly enough until i was on my second bus out to DCU. See i got kinda distracted by my phone and just those 'first day' nerves, and next think i know i was outside IKEA!
Frantically i asked the bus driver where i was and how to get back to DCU, he told me that my stop was about 10 minutes back and he laughed. Then gave me the bad news that, that was the last stop and i had to get off ....
'you can't leave me here' i said almost in tears...but he explained that there'd be another bus back the opposite way in 10  minutes.
So when i finally got there, i was still 15 minutes early! How?!
Thankfully the rest of the week went pretty well, but i did feel kinda bad when some of the old women weren't struggling as much as i was with some of the classes...

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