Tuesday 3 December 2013

Art, History and all about Yeats

Yes you've guessed it! A TY trip!
So we went to town, on our English trip, to the national library to see the Yeats exhibit. So we say, may as well visit the national history museum and the national art gallery while we're there!
The art gallery was my favourite part of the day, I've such an interest in art and i really enjoyed taking some time out just to browse around the great Irish and European art on display.
In the history museum we got to see the bog bodies that inspired a lot of Yeat's writing, it was interesting to see how well the bodies were preserved, but not a good idea on a full stomach!
But i must say, the best part of the day was our trip to Mc Donald's and Starbucks! Because everybody deserves a treat every once in a while:)

This was my favourite painting by Jack Butler Yeats, I love how you have to stand back and really look at it to try and get your head around it, I liked how it more focuses on the use of colour and basic shapes instead of loads of small detail.

This is an example of what we saw in the bog bodies exhibit, I thought it was really cool how they were preserved, but it was also kinda sad, just thinking that the body was once a person..

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