Friday 13 September 2013

There is life after results .....

On Wednesday, the 11th ...
We got our junior cert results. All the days up to it, most people were fine saying 'be grand' but on Wednesday morning everyone was feeling the nerves...
But yeah, turns out life goes on after results..11 honours whoo:D
After tears of joy, preparations for RESULTS NIGHT started:)
Absolutely brilliant night, well worth feeling exhausted all of Thursday.

So after a night of celebration, our history teachers took us to Castletown house. We took the visitors tour, and came out with more knowledge than before. The rooms were all so beautiful, but the most amazing was the print room. A popular past time of that era was collecting prints and sticking them to the walls. This is the only print room that survived the change in styles and fashions.
Castletown House

print room in Castletown house

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